Steel Prices on the Rise


Late last month, President Trump instructed the Department of Commerce to initiate an investigation into foreign steel mills. He did so under a statute from 1962, Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act. The goal of this investigation is to see if steel from foreign mills is considered a threat to national security.

Once the investigation was initiated, the Department of Commerce, with the help of the Department of Defence, has 270 days to determine if importing steel into the United States in such quantities or under such circumstances is a threat to national security.

Although the ruling has not yet been issued, the steel markets have already started to react. Many foreign steel mills have stopped taking orders from US-based companies and US mills have announced an increase in steel prices.

This increase in steel prices will undoubtedly have an impact on the cost of building and construction materials. However, we won’t know the full impact until the ruling is handed down.

Springhill Suites in OKC

We’re excited to be supplying materials for the Springhill Suites hotel project that’s currently underway in Oklahoma City. Atlas Construction is leading the way on this $9.5 million project in Bricktown.

Head to Atlas Construction’s website for more information, and check out pictures of our D&E Supply OKC crew delivering materials for this job at our Facebook page.

Topaz GPS Fleet Tracking

We’re excited to announce a recent addition to each of our delivery trucks. Topaz Strategic Solutions has helped us install GPS technology in each truck, which allows us to track them in “Now-Time”. We can track deliveries from door-to-door, and tell you at any given second where your drywall materials are, and when they’re likely to arrive.

Our hope is that this expanded fleet tracking capability allows us to offer you even better customer service and make it easier than ever to work with D&E Supply. By tracking each delivery closely, we’ll be able to more accurately estimate delivery times, and make our deliveries faster and more efficient in the future.

We’d love to talk to you about how our new systems will result in better service for each of our customers. Call us at 918-621-4600 to learn more.

MAKE-A-WISH DAY 11/20/14

We had an opportunity to be involved with Make-A-Wish Oklahoma at their yearly fundraiser.  We took race cars to the location to help draw attention.  It was an awesome experience, a great thing to be involved in.

Car #83: An Act of Love & Friendship

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

On October 17th 2012 Evan Sewell had an idea which became a dream and very quickly a goal. Evan’s goal was to build a Focus Midget for his friend Shane Weeks to run at the Tulsa Shootout on December 28th 2012. Anyone familiar with race cars knows this would be a very tough task. Evan also wanted to do this without Shane knowing about it, that made it an even tougher task. Evan is a young hardworking man with a wife and young son. He also races Micros and Midgets. So it goes without saying Evan did not have spare money lying around to finance this dream. But he does have friends, very good friends. He discussed his idea with his cousin and fellow racer Alex Sewell, who’s response was “Let’s do it”. The next call was to Shane Stewart who races The World of Outlaw sprint cars. Before they knew it parts were arriving from every corner of the U.S. and the build was on. To make things even tougher it was decided the car would need to be finished by November 21st for a surprise presentation to Shane the night before Thanksgiving. With the help of many friends from all across the country the car was ready, the surprise for Shane was huge, and many tears of joy were shed. The logos on the car represent companies who helped with contributions.

Why would Evan and the many others take on this monumental task? Shane Weeks is a 19 year old young man who loves race cars. He drives Micros and has had a dream of driving a Midget. He has also battled cancer since the age of 8. Shane is an upbeat person who deals with his health problems daily and never complains. He lives his life as if he will live to be a hundred years old. His family and friends all pray that he does.

Evan, Alex, Shane Stewart and everyone else involved didn’t do this for recognition or praises, they simply did it to make a friends dream come true and to see the smile on his face.